Hair ties are slowly seeping away out of fashion and scrunchies are making an ultimate come back. Scrunchies are perfect for any hair type whether is long hair, short hair, fine hair or thick hair.

You can avail best-rated scrunchies online via are patterns and colours out there for everyone and for every occasion. You can rock one in any setting, it’s an extremely versatile accessory to own.


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Following are the reasons why scrunchies are better than hair ties:

1. Scrunchies do not damage your hair

Everyone who has ever worn a hair tie knows the pain of pulling that bad boy out along with a chunk of stray and a kink left in your luscious hair. Hair ties can do so much damage to your hair and over time that’s not a good look. If you want to rid your life of hair ties but just don’t know what to use instead then a scrunchie is the answer! Scrunchies have less tension than a hair tie but can grab x3 times the amount of hair. They don't leave a dent in your hair and are super gentle.

2. Scrunchies are more accessible than hair ties

Scrunchies are everywhere and we are so into it! They are becoming more and more popular and partly one of the reasons is because, well yes they are cute, but also they are so accessible. Pop into your local accessory or clothing shop and there will at least be a few options for you. You can also buy them online

3. Scrunchies can be worn with any hairstyle

There are thousands of scrunchie options out there and even if you have a very particular style there's certainly a scrunchie with your name on it too. You can find boho, monochrome, bright, patterned and simple Scrunchies for any hair type or style.